Matching Employees to Employers Since 1981


Keegan Staffing is a Pensacola area leader in the employment services industry. We offer a complete range of staffing services that would benefit any size company by increasing productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Keegan Staffing provides beneficial services to both job seekers and employers.

  • Temporary – Offers the employer the ability to utilize skilled clerical or light industrial employees for the duration of their need; seasonal positions, overflow work, coverage for sick or vacationing employees. Temporary work offers employees the opportunity to work during school breaks, summer vacations, after hours, on weekends or on a part-time basis.
  • Temporary-To-Hire – Allows the employer and the employee to “try it out” before either party makes a long term commitment. We recruit, skill test, drug test, background check, and process potential employees. The employer may then choose to interview prior to making the final selection or allow us to utilize our skills to determine the best suited candidate. The employee would remain on our payroll during their probationary period. If the employee and employer determine that they want to make the relationship permanent, the employee would go onto the employer’s payroll at the end of the probationary period.
  • Direct Hire – Employers retain our services to recruit, skill test, drug screen, and background check prospective candidates. We provide the employer with the resumes of the most qualified candidates. We schedule the interviews for the employer and will present the offer of employment to the chosen applicant. The employee would be on the employer’s payroll from the beginning. The employer pays a one-time flat fee for our services.
  • Pay Rolling – The employer recruits their own employee, either for a temporary or temporary-to-hire position within their company. We will drug screen, background check, and process the employee. Pay rolling, as with temporary or temporary-to-hire, allows the employer to fulfill a short term need or utilize the probationary period before bringing the person onto their company payroll.

For details on how Keegan Staffing can help you, contact us today and let us apply our experience to your business needs.